SBA launches Scarborough Business Learning Hub

The Scarborough Business Learning Hub will provide the Scarborough business community low or no cost training.

A partnership between Pay What You Can Training and the Scarborough Business Association will put added emphasis on program, currently offering more than 50 webinars and learning opportunities in a diverse range of categories.

The SBA is the first business association in the country to offer this unique partnership.

“This is a no-lose opportunity to learn,” says Peter Haggert, SBA past president. “This is the latest program in our COVID-19 task force response for business community support. We’ve all become used to the concept of the pandemic – now we focus on economic recovery. Enhancing skills will play a huge roll in business growth moving forward.”

Initiated as a feel-good program to help employees working from home or laid off to increase their skills, thousands have now enrolled in the program’s courses, ranging in topics from Microsoft Office 365 programs to workplace and management skills to sales, marketing, life skills and much more.

More than 60 trainers essentially volunteer their time to participate.

You can find the SBA portal at

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