Join Our Committees!

The Scarborough Business Association depends on membership to steer its direction. We have a number of working committees and we're always looking for new members.

Here's a list of the committees that people can join and contribute.  If you are interested, please let us know how you can contribute by emailing

  • Membership  - Responsible for generating new memberships.
  • Events  - Responsible for creating events, attracting attendees.
  • Marketing  - Responsible for marketing material, social media, keeping group abreast of technology.
  • Industry/Manufacturing  - Responsible for identifying opportunities and challenges for industrial and manufacturing members, creating specific events for that group.
  • Governance  - Preparing bylaws and other directional materials for the association.
  • Outreach  - Liaise and secure partnerships and working relationships with other like-minded organizations, identify possible joint event and/or membership opportunities.
  • Customer Service  - Liaise with founding members and others and make sure they are aware of their benefits.  Form relationships with members and determine their future needs.