President’s Message

Dear members, friends and colleagues:

The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB), president, CEO and chair, Dan Kelly said, “Without the proper supports, 160,000 small businesses won’t survive the pandemic.” With COVID-19 cases surging in Ontario, many of us are wondering if we are headed towards another strict shutdown and others have already been working on pivoting and adjusting to the changing demands. Dan Kelly expressed concern that too many small businesses won’t survive a second lockdown.  9 out of 10 Canadians employed in the private sector work for small to medium sized businesses.  We know this could be devastating to the community of Scarborough.

We cannot stand by and let these businesses flounder.  Small businesses in Scarborough are taking extra measures to see to it that their customers are safe.  Please follow their protocols and try to be patient.  Everyone is doing the best we can with changing demands.

Come on Scarborough!  Let’s rally around our restaurants and stores! Together we can find innovative ways to help local businesses.  Our Board of Directors and staff are stepping up to the challenge and support local establishments. Try and shop more locally when possible, pick up take out instead of using costly apps and buy local this holiday season.

Scarborough has countless great restaurants and shops and service providers.  Don’t forget them. Your patronage will help keep them afloat!  Be there for them during this crisis so they can be there for you when we come out of this.  And we will come out of this.  We are stronger together!

As president and chair of the Scarborough Business Association, I am determined to help our community through this pandemic.  We at the SBA are open to your ideas and suggestions.  Attend one of our events.  Every SBA event features a time period set aside where you can share ideas and suggestions.  You can join in the conversation or sit back and listen. Drop in and have your voice heard. You never know who you will meet, what opportunity presents itself or what interesting bit of information you may pick up.  Our members and their guests are a friendly, energetic group.  You are always welcome.

We are on this journey together.  Every single one of us matters.  This is our community – our fight!  We are diverse, we are inclusive and we are strong. Together we will prevail.


Andrea Hazell
Scarborough Business Association
President and Chair