Sept. 24 Networking Breakfast

September 24, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Edward Hotel
185 Yorkland Blvd. M2J 4R2
$25 for members and guests; $30 for non-members
Sherri Somerville

Speaker: Ken Dunn – How to Create an Endless Supply of Customers/Clients using Social Media & Free Offers

Enjoy the benefits of attending an SBA event, share breakfast with fellow Scarborough business leaders, meet new prospects, gain knowledge, promote your products or services, learn about becoming an SBA member and be back at work by 9:30am.


About our speaker:

Ken began his adult life in the policing. Spending time in undercover drug investigations, surveillance operations and working on a S.W.A.T before he began to specialize in police interrogation.

At the age of 30, he found out that he was about to become a father. He realized that he to create a life for his future family unlike anything he has seen in his humble up-bringing.

Armed with only a high-school education and a deep desire to live a life that he had only dreamed of, Ken started a mortgage company in 2001. Thanks to the experience of his mentor, they sold the business 4 years later for 38 million.

After exiting that business, Ken realized that his biggest passion was marketing and leading people.

While reviewing the performance and growth of that mortgage business, he realized that he had discovered a 4-part process that he believed he could use to start and scale any business.

Ken used this same system to start a property management company, several direct selling businesses, a publishing company and a digital marketing agency.

After exiting his publishing company in the summer of 2018, he realized that he wanted to spend the next phase of his professional life teaching small business owners how to leverage the social world that we live into today, to create an endless supply of clients for their businesses.

He has published 5 books on sales and marketing. His 5th book, The Greatest Prospector in the world, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of been recognized as a best seller in 6 different countries.

Ken Dunn centres his business activites and digital marketing training around Netwyn Place in Scarborough. At Netwyn, Ken leads digital marketing training for small business owners.

When not at Netwyn, Ken still travels internationally speaking to entrepreneurs around the globe.

Ken resides in Whitby, Ontario with his wife Julie and 2 children.

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