President’s Message

This is an exciting time to be in Scarborough.

Situated in Ontario’s capital and one of Canada’s most vibrant municipalities, Scarborough is a significant part of Toronto’s business landscape. Unlike other parts of a major city, its historical journey sets it atop a list of dynamic economic contributors. From township to borough to city unto itself, Scarborough now stands to take its place as one of Toronto’s most vibrant central business districts.

The Scarborough Business Association is intensely focused on helping business to thrive in Scarborough. Through engaging networking forums and educational opportunities that enhance business connections, our mandate is to drive prosperity. We recognize Scarborough's strengths of location, educational institutions, skilled labour and diversity. Strong business benefits the entire community; the entire city.

As business men and women, we know how important it is to project to visitors and customers an image that is convenient, clean, modern and professional. That is what our members, from our national entities to our small businesses strive for, day in and day out. The Scarborough Business Association aims to support this dynamic locally and represent the voice of its membership on topics that impact the growth and potential of this eastern region of Toronto.

The recipe for success is a moving target. Hard work and an ability to change seem to be the backbone for the thriving business entities of today. Whether your business is a small not for profit or a large multinational organization, we share an unwavering goal to flourish. I invite you to bring your leadership and your energy to the SBA, and build a legacy of success for Scarborough.

Andrea Hazell

Scarborough Business Association